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How can I set up an appointment with Black Wings Construction Corp?

It is really easy. just call at (503) 420-9096 or (503) 983-3516 and we will send you a professional ASAP.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, we have all the necessary requirements to work in the State. We are Professional General Contractors. 

Does my property will be a chaos during construction?

We are sure that your property is always protected. We always bring the necessary materials to protect and prevent unnecessary damage to your property. 

What about the environment?

Whether or not global warming or mass extinction is true or not, it is a fact that our environment is being slowly trashed and over-used. In order to make a good impact on our lovely planet, Black Wings Construction Corp is committed to reducing waste using Eco-friendly products. 

Should I just do the work myself?

In general, depending on the project, you are going to need to meet city code requirements and some of the jobs can require to have additional licenses or certifications. We are professionals trained and certified to perform residential and commercial services. 

Are you going to finish on time my project?

We have a proud reputation for timely and professional service. Your project will be completed on time! Just ask our previous clients.